Aviation Links

Australian Sites

Great variety of Aussie Sites

AOPA (An Australian Pilots Association who put out a magazine and also have a listing of planes for sale on their website)

Recreational Aviation Association An incredibly large website for flyers of all aircraft up to 600 kg weight. This association administers and issues Recreational Pilot certificates, Rec. aircraft registrations, listing of light aircraft for sale.

Recreational Flying This is one of the best organised private websites available to pilots in Australia. Recreational or GA. Multiple forums, info interchange, free membership - if you have a passion for flying and reading / writing about that passion, you should join in.

Airservices Australia (Provide our Australian aviation publications e.g. maps, etc. Online weather and notam briefings.)

CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority Look after aircraft register.)

Australian Avionics (Excellent deals on all avionics and instruments).


Aviation Directories

Wanttaja's Sea & Sky Page (Great homebuilt aviation directory)

EAA (A well known organization among restorers and homebuilders)


Some Great Homebuilt Aircraft

Vans RVs (A popular all metal low wing series of aircraft)

Vision (A plans build low wing aircraft using a Subie EA-81)

Mustang (Another very popular kit airplane - 1 or 2 seater)

Zenairs (Again many have been built. Both high and low wing 2 and 4 seat aircraft available with short build time)

Comp Series Aircraft (Great performing high wing aircraft ranging from 2-11 seat aircraft - affordable and reasonable build times).

Storm (Italian manufactured kit planes, both land and amphibian 2 and 4 seat models, reasonable prices for a top looking kit).


Auto Engines for Planes

Air-Ryder (Subaru direct and re-drive models)

Eggenfellner (Genuine firewall forward packages for Glastar and RV's - 165HP Subaru engines)

Stratus (Excellent service and reliability on their Subies)

SubieLyc (More Subie engines)

Information on Converting Subaru Engines for Aircraft Use (By the Subaru e-mail group)

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