Holiday Destinations

Here are some great holiday places to visit in Queensland, Australia.


Mareeba Warbird Adventure Flights

2005 In Victoria


Lish & SoldierLish

The Soldier looks scared that Lish will get away with him.

Lish in Coach

The coach ride was one of the highlights at Sovereign Hill.

B24 Liberator

Remember that Liberator that Doug and Syd chased in the Gulf? Here is one being rebuilt close to the Sale Aviation Museum. I did not realise how HUGE they were.


WOW! The work involved in the restoration of this Supermarine Walrus.
Note the clear covering on one wing to let us see the innards. This is one of the 400 photos taken at Sale Aviation Museum. Wanna see more? GO THERE.

Lish Chopper

Now for my first helicopter ride. Where better than over the 12 Apostles. Stunning.

Chopper Landing

Waiting our turn to land - 100 feet up and zero airspeed. Not how I learned to fly, even Doug was fidgety. (I say he was anyway). It was a BALL

With Chopper

Next Please.

Lish Apostles



At Avalon Airshow we saw the worlds smallest Twin engined aircraft The Cri-Cri

F35 Future Jet

And the New F35 Fighter that is being developed in America


I went through both the Super Constellation and the "Black Cat" Catalina. This was superb.


Australia's first restored Catalina. Found in France, made airworthy in Spain, then flown home by the son of one of the "Black Cat" Drivers of WW2.


Hawk Trainer RAAF.


P51 Mustang last piston fighter of the RAAF

Ultralight Wing Walker.


A Paraplegic flying a hang glider!

If you're looking for some great fishing, food & company, then try

Sweers Island

which is situated in the Gulf of Carpentaria. The island is only accessible by aircraft or boat and there are always plenty of pilots to spin some good yarns in the evenings. The area is classed as Australia's Premier Fishing Site. The resort is down to earth, where you can have a relaxing, comfortable holiday without any of the glitz.


Don't forget, if you're visiting the Whitsunday Islands, try

Brampton Island

situated just below the Whitsunday group of islands, out from the city of Mackay. You can swim all year round in the beautiful blue waters and there are plenty of fun watersports to enjoy. You can fly in or go by ferry.

Other places that are worthwhile seeing are:

The Cairns to Port Douglas Road

along the coast. Spectacular views of rainforest meeting sea as you drive up to Port Douglas.

The Stockman's Hall of Fame and QANTAS musuem

out west near Longreach, is a great way to find out about our Australian heritage and outback life. We spent a week out there in May 2004

Sunflowers at Emerald

Antique farm machinery at Ilfracombe

Ilfracombe's Wellshot hotel

Longreach at last with 747 in the distance.

Longreach's Powerhouse Museum

School of Air's first "on-air aerobic class" and we were there.

Lish boarding QANTAS's 1929 passenger plane, a DH61 "Giant Moth".

VH-EBQ (747) at the QANTAS birthplace after a final landing on the small airstrip in 2002.

"Doug, how will these do for our plane"?

WOW, what a history of a great Australian story - QANTAS.
Took us a full day to see it all.

Flying the Avro, the first QANTAS plane bought in 1921.

Stockman's Hall of Fame took us 2 days -

it consists of an incredible 3 floors -

packed with outback history.


Barcaldine, beside the tree of knowledge

At the Worker's Heritage Centre, Lish takes a break on the "Seat of Knowledge"

An interesting Masonic Lodge, with the beautifully decorated face and corrugated iron sides.

Early Queensland Parliament replicated.
Fossicking for Saphires at Sapphire.

The Beck Aviation Museum-

is found near Mareeba on the Atherton Tablelands. A wonderful display of old aircraft and some other war machinery. Most of the display is based around World War II aircraft that have been salvaged from remote places in Australia. Doug has gone to some of the difficult areas with Syd, navigating through the bush miles away from any roads to help gather some of these historic parts of our past (aeroplanes crash in the damnedest places).

Left - Retrieving parts of a Liberator ("LITTLE EVA") in the Gulf of Carpentaria. 1974 expedition. Doug's son Ray and Syd's son Norman went on the 1973 expedition, but they failed to find it. What an adventure for a 14 year old. Two weeks of ploughing around in the bush 2 days travel from habitation.


Anti-aircraft gun

Anti-aircraft gun


Swingin' on the prop of a DC-3

Blitz truck

W.W.II Ford Blitz truck (Henry) which was used in the recovery of many of the items on display. Yep it ploughed through virgin bush in the Gulf to get to the Liberator.

The Powerhouse Museum (NSW Version)

is located in Sydney near Darling Harbour. An enormous living science museum. Find out how steam engines, generators and electricity work, how smells are made, see Sydney's old tramways, famous airplanes and find out about space travel, plus see a module from a NASA space shuttle, see all the moving parts of a car. To see all of it you need a good 2 days. A must see for families (the kids definitely won't get bored).


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