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Maternal Side.

Mums daddy Douglas Gladstone (Christened at Ilford Essex) and his bro Francis (known as Bob) had bought passage to Rockhampton Qld, arriving in 1871, then travelled to Port Mc Kay and took up a selection near Eimeo. Now a 10 minute drive from Mackay, it was a two day journey by boat to this place where they had a few skirmishes with natives in the early days. Fourteen years after, he returned to England to claim his childhood sweetheart Fanny Truefitt, (she was now 32) and they were married on board ship on the return voyage. Banns took a long time at the Kirk in those days, and if -"The ship lies rigged and ready at the Harbour"...... Besides he must have been getting impatient by then. This union produced two girls, first was Dorothy, then a few years later my Mum Nancy was born. These two were the "boys" who helped work the dairy farm that was built. I have no further mentions of Francis in the family register, other than that he married a "Martha --------" at Mackay , plus the first names of four progeny and then that he was BURIED in England 1902. Whether there was an argument or he could not stand the climate, I know not. He must have departed the scene before my mother was more than a few years old or she would have talked about "Uncle Bob". As she never did, one feels that there may have been a falling out.

Douglas died of cancer in 1927, and the three ladies ran the farm for a time, then sold much of it and moved to Mackay town. The land stretched from the Blacks beach Turn-off to Eimeo creek and included all of Blacks Beach,so they had a reasonable resource to sell as they planned for their future.

Aunt Dorothy married and had 1 stillborn child only, herself passing on from cancer in 1948.

Dad was a photographer, as I have been for many of my years, but for him the grass was always greener in another town, so we rolled along much and very little moss adhered. Mother was his greatest asset and she worked the cameras too and did her damnedest to see that we ate and had shoes.

More Later on. Check this site for more in the saga. What else happened ? How did Douggie end up with 3 of what most people have 1 of ? Do we have an Indian Squaw in our history??

Last bit first. In 1985 wife two (Joy) wrote Toronto University to see if they could help with the blank wall that confronted all Belbin researchers in Canada. THEIR WORDS-

In 17xx a trapper came down from the mountains with his Indian partner and went to a church to arrange his marriage, and the christening of the three children. He was not literate and signed with an x, did these things and sold some furs then departed. We were descended from one of these children.
Conclusions of the researcher -:

  1. His name may not have been Belbin, it could have been similar, but the minister may have interpreted it as that,
  2. He may have been Smith or Jones "on the run" and selected that name, to get an ID (Wedding Cert) from the minister.
  3. As he was not literate - he could not disagree with what was written.

Anyway to me it makes a "rattling good yarn", so I am content to live with it and that dog may now stay asleep.

17 August, 2009