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Hi! I’ve been a photographer for over forty years and have recently put in three years lecturing/teaching Photography and computer graphics at Queenslands James Cook University. Along the way, I have had partnerships in a couple of gold mines, and have owned and operated two air charter businesses. Until Christmas 2000, I've been working with a business consultancy, helping Coal Mines stay afloat with falling prices. This work was very rewarding and challenging. I also enjoy breathing new life into old photos, like this one below, which never looked this good even when it was first taken with an old size 116 folding camera just after WW 2 (B&W).

Plus I enjoy the challenges of making the computer do what I want it to do with CAD drawing.

Currently I am retired and building an aircraft but I fit in making and maintaining commercial websites, doing a little CAD drawing and Illustrations.

I really feel that I have been fortunate, having done just about everything I wanted to, but the greatest love of my life is my wife Lisha.

She fortunately for me/her shares my love for aviation and I have owned an Australian made aerobatic Victa (see below), then a Cessna 182, followed by a Beech Debonair (33 Bonanza) and recently a Beech Super Musketeer. I have had a great time flying these and many other aircraft, amassing over 3,000 hours, 600 plus of these at night. Night journeys of 1200 NM (1400 Stat Miles, 1900 K) over the desert from Mount Isa to Melbourne, up to Darwin, up to the tip of Cape York, Ayers Rock, Birdsville, Boulia, wonderful Sweers Island, Dunk Island, Beautiful Brampton Island, Hamilton Island.



When I see the illustration above I get a bit chokey. The original photo has always been a favourite, and now my wife Lisha has transformed it into an oil painting on the cover of my new log book. The city below the aircraft is Mount Isa, a mining city in west Queensland, where I spent 16 marvellous years running my studio Barkly Photos.

The Victa was my first plane, the Super Mouse my most recent The Beech above was of course owned at Mount Isa.

Beech Super Musketeer 200HP, Constant speed prop 125kts 6seats
Australian made Victa Airtourer - 2 seat 115 hp Lycoming engine.
But the greatest ball of them all has been my time as test pilot, trying out a new design which has given me some real thrills, as well as a HIGH time. 24 months developing the flight characteristics, and "teaching it to fly. (Taught me a lot too!)

Adventure ahead!

Prototypes 1 & 2

This is the FoxCon Terrier kitplane. These are vacuum formed fiberglass fuselages with Stits wings and are powered by a converted Subaru car engine. (EA81)




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